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Hosing down the cosmos with Casio keyboard driven sexual fury, HUG spouted
psychedelic, lo-fi, punk cabaret musick for the degenerate population of
Austin, Texas. HUG was a happily deranged band that created fun,
sexually oriented music full of modern political views and
openly taboo aspects of repressed sexuality.
Their charmingly sophomoric yet anthemic
songs get stuck in your head and can
have you dancing in fits.

HUG is an institution and chapter in Austin weirdness.

After originally forming in 1996 as Your Mother’s Snatch and first performing
at a live circus, HUG played extensively throughout the Austin music scene
and soiled a diverse selection of Texas nightclubs including: Bates Motel,
Electric Lounge, Emo's, Ego's, Hole in the Wall, Stubb's, Ruta Maya,
Tacoland, Beerland, Super Happy Fun Land, Room 710,
Chain Drive, Lovejoys, and many more.

Throughout the aughts, HUG organized Make Austin Weirder Fests which
featured many of Austin’s stranger musical acts, including
Christeene, Jazzus Lizard, Lick Lick, and Zero Skills Inc.
The concept was born through the band’s desire to
counter the tired slogan, “Keep Austin Weird."

HUG found international attention in 2007 when Myspace selected their DIY video
“Don’t Shoot the President” as a “cool new video” receiving over 97,000 views
in one day, accompanied by a slew of hilarious and threatening comments.

Over a span of 15 years, HUG released eight albums, an EP, and a live DVD,
including the rock opera “My Life on the Line," based on a true story of
a gay professional football player who commited suicide after
killing his lover in a car accident.

HUG ended its reign in 2011.

In addition to HUG duties, which included writing HUG cookbooks, vocalist Blair
Bovbjerg has played theremin with Helios Creed, Hunt Sales, Golden Arm
, Thor and Friends, and with his own band, The Future of Air Travel.
In the early-80s, guitarist Jack Anderson played bass in the Washington
DC bands, No Trend and Skam, both on Drag City.
Casioist Scott Van Horn played "Nova" in
Richard Linklater’s film Slacker.

In 2019, HUG performed two reunion shows which led to Thor Harris curating
the retrospective album A Young Person's Guide to HUG
released on Joyful Noise Recordings.


"With its Casio bleats, guitar blurts, and mental-patient vocals, HUG's Lickable CD
was the outrageous Austin CD of the early 2000's. For their live show, expect
hideous dancers and flying debris."
- Spin, July 2006

“Just the ticket for anyone who finds Tenacious D too refined
or Ween just not creepy enough”
- Austin Chronicle, October 2002

"HUG will make your urine burn a little more than usual."
- Austin Chronicle, February 2007

"HUG is another case of accidental artistic genius, a bunch of unmarketable old
pervs hell-bent on being an offense to regular people in general and to
'music business' in particular. Songs like 'Shit Sex' and masked ghouls
in garters fingering themselves on the floor, shredded porno flying
everywhere, drunken half-naked lesbians falling on their faces,
and some of the most divine, evil-clown singing that I have
witnessed in the Live Music Capital."
- Rank and Revue Magazine, July 2004

"I can't believe that anyone involved in this is over the age of 15. I assume that a
group of noam chomsky-worshipping video-store clerks and comic-con virgins
wasted hours of their lives creating this musical abortion.
lol it would b funny if the ins arrested these
guys for terroristic threts XD"
- Myspace video comment